Nutrafortified ®

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Naturally Fortified Plants from Special Soils

   Our farm is located in an area where soil selenium, sulfur and calcium is naturally elevated. This naturally occurring mineral concentration in our soil gives us the unique opportunity to grow our fruit and vegetables that are naturally biofortified with antioxidant organic-selenium, organic-sulfur and organic chelated calcium which are all important phytonutrients .  

   Specific crop plant cultivars grown in our cretaceous shale derived soils are tolerant to the stressful conditions and grow nutraceutical health foods that are a rich source of other vitamins and antioxidants such as phenolic compounds, flavonoids and carotenoids.

   Naturally Fortified Plants; The Importance of Selenium (see Publications page)

   Selenium is important for the human immune system and key to the function of our antioxidant selenoglutathione peroxidase enzymes.

  Free radicals carcinogenic by-products of oxygen and other carcinogenic toxins in our environment can contribute to the development of chronic diseases and multiple human cancers.

   At the cellular level, advanced forms of organic-Selenium are incorporated into important antioxidant enzymes that support good health and help prevent cellular damage from free oxidative free radicals or toxic carcinogens.  Monomethylated organic selenium compounds found in fruit and vegetables are reported by scientists to be anticarcinogenic and help fight diseases.

    Other selenoproteins are important for regulating thyroid function and play a crucial role in human immune systems.